Are there any sites that you find indispensable? If so drop us a line and we can add it too our list. 

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A website from the Citizens Advice Bureau in Spain, a great source of valuable information and advice. 


Created by ex police this site is crammed full of information and advice relating to travel and driving in Spain. It also includes a downloadable copy of the spanish highway code translated into english


Comparison Website

If you are new to Spain this site allows you to compare, health, car, home insurance, internet and phone tariffs, energy tariffs, and more. It acts as a great starting point, the site is in Spanish but is easy to navigate.

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If you are looking for schools in Andalucia this site lists them all together with information on what each school offers, including bi-lingual, after school activities, school meals etc... 


Similar to the Andalucia schools site except this covers the Valencian region. IMPORTANTLY it tells you the proportion of classes taught in Valenciano (as opposed to Castellano/Spanish).

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If you need a parcel shipping ALWAYS check out packlink they use all the major carriers UPS, DHL, Correos, etc... we use them in our business and invariably they have the cheapest rate by a country mile.

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Happy Cow

If you happen to be vegetarian or vegan then this site is essential, search towns and cities for nearby vegan restaurants 

Brexit - The Spanish Gvt Guide

If you are living in Spain before 1 January 2021 and register as resident after 6 July 2020,

Read the Spanish government’s guide for further information on the process. ENGLISH VERSION

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TAX Rates Spain

If you wanted to know what the tax rates are in your particular area you may be able to find them on this link.

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UK - SPAIN Double Taxation Treaty


If you ever felt the need to read the UK - Spain Double Taxation Treaty then now is your chance!