Could a record breaking summer for British tourists really be on the cards?

Toni Mayor of The Hotel Business Association of Benidorm, Costa Blanca and Valencia (HOSBEC) certainly believes so.

The Hotel Business Association of Benidorm, Costa Blanca and Valencia (HOSBEC) have predicted a record number of British tourists during early spring and continuing through the summer, moreover they believe that bookings in 2021 could break all records.

"There is a desire to avenge the virus, and there is nothing better than going on holiday," said HOSBEC's president, Toni Mayor, in a statement made after a recent meeting with the 'president' of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and the regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer.

According to the association, the de-escalation must always depend on the health evolution, but it's confident that the "spectacular" recovery of the last few days will be maintained to "save" at least the summer season. A return to travel before Easter is thought highly unlikely though isn't ruled out entirely.

Although it is "difficult" to make medium-term forecasts, he is confident that the data can give "unexpected joy in the coming months", after the slowdown in infections both in the Comunitat and in the rest of Spain. He also hopes that vaccination program be progress more quickly in April and beyond..

Given the optimistic outlook for the British market, following Boris Johnson's announcement of allowing travel from 17 May, HOSBEC predicts that bookings will be for the whole summer and dismisses concerns about the long term effect of covid in Spain. "There was a lot of drama, I think it has gone down and the vaccine is having its effect in the UK, Israel and the US," said its president.


Mayor dismisses the possibility of the UK establishing a vaccination passport stating "you cannot discriminate between people who are vaccinated and those who are not", but he believes that a universal document should be established for travel purposes displaying vaccines and PCR test results to "ensure that everyone who gets on a plane is clean of the virus" he goes on to criticise Greece stating that "Greece is acting unilaterally" in advocating an EU health passport.

HOSBEC hopes that the Generalitat will rethink the proposal announced by Puig for a perimeter closure between autonomous regions during Easter in the face of a "drop" in health pressure and that a re-analysis of the data may lead to the provinces and regions "maybe opening a little earlier than planned".

"If we open, it will be with a great deal of security and with the certainty of mobility between provinces and communities", the hoteliers' representative guaranteed.

One of the proposals put to the regional government is that tourists can stay in the Community with a reservation certificate that would serve as "safe conduct" to start the de-escalation in a prudent way, something that would allow "tracking" and have all visitors controlled instead of the "avalanche" that involves traveling to second homes. According to HOSBEC, the two sides have agreed to discuss this measure in the coming days.

Looking to the future, HOSBEC proposes that when the cumulative incidence target of 50 cases per 100,000 population is reached, an infrastructure for tracking, isolation and containment should be created so that "we do not stumble over the same rocks as last summer and the virus does not get out of hand". "If we have to confine a village, let it be done in a radical way like in Australia or New Zealand. Half-measures don't work", its president said. 8 March 2021

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