Mini Hollywood - Almeria

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

We paid a recentish visit to Mini Hollywood, Almeria with our two young daughters.  Mini Hollywood was designed by Carl Simi in 1965 for Sergio Leone’s film ‘For a Few Dollars More’ and was originally known as Yucca City. It was also used as a set for films such as ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ in 1966 and more recently in 2012 it was the setting for an episode of Dr Who. Oasys to use its official name, though I prefer simply Mini Hollywood, is a wonderful place to visit and one where you're guaranteed a hog killin time!

A day's visit will comprise of scene re-enactments from films such as A Few Dollars More and Jessie James, gun shows and even a can can performance.

As a fan in my younger days of the spaghetti westerns, my arrival at Mini Hollywood can only be described as like being transported to the old wild west with realistic sets, amazing landscapes, and oh boy the heat, though living in Granada I was somewhat acclimatised already.

Arrive early and spend the whole day here take a stroll around town with its sandy streets and visit the cactus garden complete with 10ft tall cacti, wow! Other attractions include a huge sprawling zoo, museum and water park so DON'T FORGET to pack your swimsuits you'll need it after a long hot day!

It's difficult to remember a place where adults and children alike can be entertained, when we lived in the UK we often visited the likes of Chester Zoo and Knowsley Safari Park, and back in Alicante we had a season tick to Terra Natura. To me Mini Hollywood is up there with the best and the children (11 and 8yrs) loved it.

Now as you'd expect there are all the amenities you could wish for restaurants, picnic area as well as a good few shops on site from souvenirs, pottery, leather goods and a photo shop where you can dress up as General Custer or Calamity Jane - YEE HAW!!!

It is disappointing that you can't book online or at least I haven't been able to find anywhere, this is a common theme in Spain at many attractions, I still have recurring nightmares about the one and a half hours wait (and in 34 degrees heat) for entry too the Bio-Park in Valencia. Normally, it wouldn't be such a problem though with restrictions on entry numbers because of Covid-19 I'd want a cast iron guarantee of entry before setting off particularly if like us you live an hour and a half drive away.

Oasys is situated off the N340 road close to the town of Tabernas in the Province of Almeria. It is without question recommend, especially for families and those like me who spent many a happy hour sat in front of the TV watching Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef and fancying themselves as a gunslinger!


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