No Fibre? No Problem. Unlimited 4G data could be the answer.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

In the 6 or so years that we have lived in Spain we have tried various phone and internet providers from ADSL, to Fibre and now 4G mobile hotspots.

As a household between us we have 3 tablets, a TV, 3 mobiles and 2 computers all vying for data, that amounts to some seriously heavy duty data usage.

We found ADSL to be totally inadequate for our needs, far too slow and unreliable so much so that on the two occasions we had it installed we needed the backup of Orange mobile wifi which itself wasn't great (5 years ago).

Admittedly Fibre was good and generally reliable however you only had to skim through any facebook group back in Javea to know that all was not well, posts of the "is your internet up?" variety were a daily occurrence, especially so during the holiday season where it seemed the world and his wife were all connected.

So on our arrival in Granada we were faced with the problem of no fibre, what to do?

Fortunately in the 5 or 6 intervening years since arriving in Spain mobile internet has and continues to improve apace in terms of speed and in terms of cost, so lack of fibre isn't really a problem and actually I quite like it!

Some TARIFFIC deals are available on unlimited data for example;


Only 32€ a month for unlimited data and unlimited calls, we set up one mobile as a hotspot and link the the iPads, tv and computers to it. NO contract PAYG cancel anytime.


Movistar at 24,95€ per month for 12 months, it say no contract however my experience of Movistar says check the small print very carefully. However its certainly worth considering.


Yet another this time from Vodafone and even cheaper, however it's a one year contract which I am never in favour of because you can guarantee as soon as you sign, something better comes along.


Last of the big 4 to show their hand was Orange, 17,96€ for 6 months and the 35,95€ thereafter.

Another worth checking out is SIMYO, before Yoigo introduced their unlimited data package we used SIMYO payg. Simyo offered really good value data and gave a good customer service (though I hear customer service for those on contracts wasn't always the best). I have no doubt in the near future they will follow suit and offer unlimited so they are one to keep an eye on their mix and match PAYG deals were very competitive.

For us 4G unlimited data is perfect offering great speed and unlimited calls in Spain. We don't watch traditional television however we do watch the likes of Netflix, Amazon and other internet based services via the TV, we also don't call the UK very often when we do we'll use either messenger, facetime, zoom or Skype.

On an average month we'll use 300GB of data, and with two or three devices running at once streaming in HD we have never encountered the "buffering" message.

So for us mobile data is a no brainer its cheap, fast, reliable no waiting in for technicians, no long term contracts, you can take it anywhere and you can change it whenever something better comes along.

So before committing to fibre or adsl think.

We found that is a great place to start, allowing you to compare prices on all mobile providers (it's also good for insurance and money comparisons). Although it is in Spanish it's very easy to navigate and with a little perseverance understand.

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