Ximo Puig Announces A Relaxation of Rules in the Valencian Community

The Valencian Community will reopen sports facilities, such as gyms, pavilions, swimming pools, sports centres, and the interior of the restaurant premises at 30% capacity from Monday until April 12.

The announcement was made by Ximo Puig (President de la Generalitat Valenciana) and Ana Barceló (Health Minister) during an appearance after the interdepartmental commission. The new measures imply a certain relaxation of restrictions in four areas, although they have insisted that "we are not for parties."

The hospitality industry will be able to open the terraces to 100% of their capacity and the interior to a third, however they will continue to close at 6:00 p.m.

Likewise, there can only be four people per table and all customers shall be required to keep masks ON while not eating or drinking.

Puig stated the reopening is "absolutely limited" and that 100% compliance is necessary, he went on to note in general bars and restaurants throughout Spain are open, even though there are communities "in an even worse situation.”

Sports fields, gyms, pavilions, sports centres, swimming pools and other facilities will have a 30% capacity and will maintain all security measures. Changing rooms will be available and the use of the showers will be regulated "they must be closed and individualised," Puig added.

Educational, leisure, toy libraries and youth leisure can also open up to 30% of the capacity and in groups of 10.

Finally, the capacity allowed for attendees of ceremonies such as weddings or funerals is increased "slightly" to one third, with a maximum of 20 people outdoors and 15 in enclosed spaces.

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All measures will remain in force until April 12, although "if variations occur" they can be reviewed.

The curfew continues between 22:00 and 06:00 hours and the limitation of meetings in homes as before (non-cohabiting meetings cannot take place except for exceptions).

With Regards to nightlife, and asked about the possibility of reopening of live music, Puig commented that "it is not contemplated” because it involves the projection of the voice and a relaxation of rules relating to mask wearing, before adding” that there will be no music or participation of DJs at the moment, but hopefully soon”


The perimeter closure of the Community will also remain in force throughout Easter something that has been agreed at national level and with the support of all the regions except Madrid. Puig did offer some hope when commenting that “We are sure that we will meet again in summer, but it is not yet time," expressing sympathy in relation to those with second homes.

Puig maintained that the steps were a "responsible de-escalation" based on the recommendations of experts, remarking that this is the "most cautious package of restrictions in all of Spain, aimed at making the recovery faster and more permanent given the ongoing mass

vaccination programme”. He later warned that "Relaxation was not an option, we know that everything can be destroyed very quickly.” That said, he again apologised for the "pain" caused by the restrictions on families and workers in affected sectors.

However, he urged people to take advantage of the holidays to rest and enjoy in other ways, remembering that "those who we infect the most are the people we love the most" he proclaimed.

These measures will be in force until April 12.

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