Generalitat Valenciana - complete list of state schools in Valencia Province.

Updated: Mar 14

Are you considering moving to the Valencian Community and do you have children of school age? If the answer is yes then this link will tell you what language your child is likely to be taught in and the chances are it won't be Castellano (Spanish).

The Valencian region covers a vast swathe of area from Peniscola in the north down past Valencia, Denia, Benidorm, Alicante , Elche and all the way to Torrevieja in the South. A total of over 23,000 Sq km in area and a population of over 5 Million people.

Almost every school in this area will teach Valenciano to some extent or another in Javea (Xabia) for example nearly 60% of lessons will be taught in Valenciano.

The further south you travel it seems the more likely you are to come a cross a predominantly Spanish speaking school however you are still likely to have 35% Valenciano as a minimum.

For access to the full Generalitat Valenciana website <<Click Here>>

The website is in Spanish, if you struggle to navigate it send me a comment bellow and I will help.

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