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Residency Card (TIE) 

Important! Almeria region now requires you to book appointments with your personal Clave. Please do not apply for TIE service with us if you live in Almeria region, unfortunately, we cannot help you.

After you receive your visa, you will have 90 days to move to Spain and after crossing the Spanish border you will have 30 days to apply for your TIE card. This process can't be done by a representative and the applicant must present the documents and pick up the card in person. 


We will arrange a TIE appointment at an Immigration Office or your local Police Station for a specific date and time. We will complete the EX-17 and TASA-790-012 forms (The TIE fee is not included in the price and must be paid by you at your local bank). In case you are not informed by the police on how to pick up your new TIE, we will book an appointment to pick up the TIE. We shall provide a checklist of documents that you would need for your appointment.

The cost of the service is 85 euros. 

Please note that in some areas (coast) it is very difficult the get an appointment in this case we shall look for appointments in other towns within your province and if we cannot book an appointment within a week of trying we shall require your help in checking if more appointment have been released. Please only apply if you agree with the above.

Before applying for a TIE appointment you must obtain Padrón certificate (issued individually, i.e. if you are a couple you would need two), issued within the last 3 months. Padrón is issued in your local town hall (ayutomiento) and can take between a few minutes and a few weeks to obtain, depending on your town hall. 

Please complete the form below, make sure to double-check all the data


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