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Visa to Spain - DIY

At GoSpain we come up with a pick-and-choose service, where you can request documents that you need for your visa.  There are lots of visas you can choose from to obtain your residency in Spain. The requirements are similar for most and you would need translations and apostille for some of the documents, regardless of the visa you choose. We will provide you with a "ready-to-go" document, so you don't have to worry about trying to find where you can get your document from, where you can get it legalised, and where you can get it translated, it is all here - all-in-one and all-inclusive (you will not pay anything else, all our package documents include all the fees for obtaining the document, get an apostille on it and get it translated!


We also ship to Spain! For your visa renewals, request your updated documents to be delivered to Spain.


For other countries, please ask for a shipping quote. 

Medical Record Analysis

All-in-one Medical Certificate (Certificate of a good health)

For some visas, such as NLV or student visas, you would be required to obtain a medical certificate. We offer an all-in-one document ready in 7-10 business days, issued in Spanish and English and complete with Apostille.

Price: £140

Image by Sandy Millar

Marriage  certificate+Apostille+Translation


We offer all-in-one document for marriage or birth certificates. We shall request an updated copy and get it apostilled and translated. 7-10 business days service.

Price: £160

Apostill marriage birth_edited.png

Birth  certificate+Apostille+Translation

We offer all-in-one document for birth certificate. We shall request an updated copy and get it apostilled and translated. 7-10 business days service.

Price: £160

Police Car

ACRO - police record check + Apostille + Translation

All visas require a police record check document, in the UK it is ACRO. We shall apply for your ACRO and get it legalised (apostille) and translated.

Price: £215


Apostille + Translation

Apostille and Translation of a document in 5-7 business days. If you already obtained your ACRO or updated marriage or birth certificate, or you need an apostille and translation of your university degree, or any other document look no further than GoSpain Apostille and Translation services.

Price: £90



Translation of standard documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, ACRO, university degree, medical certificate etc)

Price £35 per page

For heavy text documents please request a quote.

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