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Please read FAQ before contacting us, if your question is answered in FAQ you may not receive an answer from us.

  • How soon do you advise starting to work with Go Spain on the NLV package?
    We recommend to start 3 month prior your intended day of moving to Spain.
  • Do Spanish consulates accept your apostille?
    Yes, all Spanish consulate in the UK accept our apostille.
  • What documents can be apostilled?
    We can apostille only UK issued documents. The usual once being: ACRO, birth certificate, marriage certificate. If you require an apostille on the document such as doctor's certificate or a notary letter, please make sure the signature of the person signing the document is registered with the Foreign office (if not we will not be able to apostille the document).
  • Do I have to send an original document?
    Yes, only original document can be apostilled. We recommend using Royal Mail Spacial Delivery service to post your documents.
  • Do you legalize documents to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, hold the Hague Apostille?
    Yes, we do
  • I need my ACRO police certificate sworn translated and apostilled for a Spanish student visa. Are your translations sworn translations? I have a physical police certificate. Will sending a PDF scan of this document be suitable, or would I need to post my certificate to you?
    Our translators are sworn translators. You will need to send us an original document for us to be able to apostille it, we cannot accept copies.
  • I have a paper copy of the ACRO certificate. Does that then mean that I need to physically send it to you in the post in order for it to be apostilled? Or do I follow what the online form says on your webpage and submit a copy of the ACRO certificate as a PDF?
    Please submit the PDF online, so we can start on the translation of your ACRO, once you submit it you will receive a detailed instructions via automated email on where (UK) and how to send your original certificate.
  • I am looking for someone to sign a medical certificate for a visa application for Spain. I am in the UK
    Please apply here
  • I am a UK citizen and need a student visa. To get the visa, I need a letter stating I am healthy etc. This needs to be apostilled and translated into Spanish. Can you help me to acquire this letter?
    Yes, we can do the medical certificate of a good health, please apply here
  • Could I please confirm that the doctor is GMC registered?
    Our doctor is registered with the General Medical Council and undergoes yearly appraisals to demonstrate ongoing learning and how he keeps up to date with the constantly evolving world of Medicine. He holds a full licence to practice.
  • I'm just double-checking that the translations you offer are indeed sworn translations by an official jurado. Is this the case?
    Yes, our translators are indeed sworn translators.

Thanks for submitting!

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