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  • No co-payments.
  • No waiting times.
  • Complies with VISA requirements.
  • No premium increase due to age.
  • A guaranteed not to cancel your policy due to age, illness or high usage. 
  • Doctors of your choice.
  • Assistance, personal & professional in your language. 
  • Policy documents available in several languages.
  • Join up to 79 years old.
  • 24 hour assistance.
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards.
  • Technology assistance.
  • Breakages
  • Weather damage, rain, wind and electrical storms.
  • Water damage, broken taps, broken taps, taps left running.
  • Theft and resultant damage.
  • Fire, explosions, wiring and faulty appliances.
  • 3rd party, civil responsibility, claims and legal defence.
  • Fully comprehensive.
  • 3rd Party.
  • Replacement car.
  • Fine management.
  • Comprehensive medical treatment.
  • 24 hour roadside assistance.
  • Licence recovery course.
  • Mechanical assistance.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Voluntary civil Liability.
  • Compulsory civil liability.
  • Fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance.
  • 3rd Party fire and theft motorcycle insurance.
  • Replacement vehicle.
  • Fine management.
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Licence recovery course.
  • Technical equipment.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Voluntary civil Liability.
  • Compulsory civil liability.
  • Young person's nighttime assistance. 
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If you are thinking about living in Spain then you should consider health care and access to health care.

This article looks at the two options PRIVATE & PUBLIC HEALTHCARE...