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Having the right insurance is essential, and so is having someone,  who knows the insurance business, who speaks your language, AND is available as your first port of call, should you need guidance or to make a claim.

That is why GOSPAIN have teamed up with Charlene Mitchell of Liberty Seguros.

Charlene, has over 15 years experience in the industry, she is a native Spanish and English speaker, and was highly recommended to us. 

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MOTOR INSURANCE - What does it offer?

  • Damage to or theft of the vehicle and its contents. 

  • A free choice of workshops.

  • Breakdown Cover!  Liberty Seguros are committed to assisting you on a trip in less than an hour.

  • The best unlimited health care in national territory.

  • The key duplication service provides you with a copy in case of loss or theft.

  • Your Liberty Autos insurance provides you with a replacement vehicle in the event of theft, fire or accident.

  • Liability. Choose the coverage that best suit you. Third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive.

  • Meteorological Damage. Inclusion of meteorological damage.

  • Defence of traffic fines. Enjoy our personalized legal assistance.

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  • Liberty offers you three levels of home insurance: Basic, Plus and Premium protection. In addition, there are a whole range of optional add-ons such as  accidental damage, valuables items or  Civil Liability for dangerous animals.

  • BASIC coverage in is designed to guarantee you the most important protection: fire, weather phenomena, broken pipes, Civil Liability, Legal Defence, home assistance, and two new services, DIY and computer assistance.

  • The PLUS option gives you, in addition to those included in Basic protection, the following coverages: aesthetic damage, breakage of furniture, ceramic hobs and appliances, crystals, refrigerated goods, reconstruction of gardens and robbery in the street.

  • The most complete home protection PREMIUM, adds to all the previous coverages, excess of water consumption due to pipe breakage, rupture of solar panels, total ruin of the building and accidental spillage of liquids other than water.

  • We offers you telephone or online assistance to solve any issues that you may have, the installation or uninstallation of applications, configuration of operating systems, etc. and travel costs and the first hour of work of a specialized technician when you need it.

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