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Doctor Office
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  • No co-payments.
  • No waiting times.
  • Complies with VISA requirements.
  • No premium increase due to age.
  • A guarantee not to cancel your policy due to age, illness or high usage. 
  • Doctors of your choice.
  • Assistance, personal & professional in your language. 
  • Policy documents available in several languages.
  • Join up to 79 years old.
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To view a copy of ASSSA's brochures simply click on the above images
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Dental Surgery
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  • ​Comprehensive service Diagnosis and prevention, extractions, fillings, endodontics, periodontics, preventive dentistry, prostheses, aesthetics, oral surgery, implantology and orthodontics.
  • Many treatments FREE and many other heavily discounted.

  • A choice of dentist within the ASSSA medical staff. 

  • Most advanced treatments and materials.

  • No waiting period (except prosthesis 6 months).

  • Special LOW premiums for people with ASSSA medical insurance. 

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To view a copy of ASSSA's brochure and list of treatments simply click on the above image.
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If you are thinking about living in Spain then you should consider health care and access to health care.

This article looks at the two options PRIVATE & PUBLIC HEALTHCARE...

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