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DOCTOR'S Certificates

Suitable for ALL Types of Visa including
Residency and STUDY Visas

One of the areas that has caused people the most problems, when applying for a non-lucrative visa, has been obtaining a doctor's certificate.

The certificate in question is very simple and declares that you "do not suffer from any disease that could cause serious repercussions to public health according to the specification of the International Health Regulations 2005."

What could be easier?


First, not all doctors are familiar with the certificate or the wording, and so refuse the request point blank.

Other doctors will try to change the wording, adding in things like  "without having examined the patient" and "to the best of my knowledge" such wording is likely to be rejected by the consulate.

And some NHS doctors charge for the certificate... up to £80.

Once you have the certificate, you need to have it legalised/apostilled, here lies another problem about 50% of the NHS doctors are not registered with the foreign office and you will need to ask them to register, this is time-consuming and so often they will refuse to do it leaving you looking for alternatives. 


Once you manage to get your certificate apostilled you will need it to be translated. 


GOSPAIN have teamed up with UK-registered private doctors to provide certificates in English and Spanish that are accepted by all UK consulates and can be legalised.

We also will obtain the apostille at the same time, so you will receive the ready-to-go document for your visa application.


It takes approximately 10-12 business days from receipt of your application to you receiving the certificate, saving you time and money!

The cost of the certificate apostilled and translated is ONLY £150.

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