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Doctor's Certificate Application Form

Before you start the application form below, remember you will need to upload the following:
1.  A copy of your medical summary -  this is a short 3-to-5-page document, containing current and past conditions as well as medications, this is available from your doctor or from the NHS app.

Your doctor is legally required to provide you with this document on request under the GDPR  and Data Protection Act 2018. It is strongly recommended that you have this document for when you move to Spain.
2.  A copy of your passport.
3A very short video - stating your name, why you need the certificate and confirmation that you don't have any contagious disease. Please have a look at the sample video.

Your certificate will take no more than 2-3 business days to prepare, it is issued in both  English and Spanish.  The UK foreign office then apostilles the certificate. This part of the process should take no more than 7-10 working days, after which the certificate is sent to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Your medical certificate will be valid for 90 days.


Please ensure that you type in all your names and surnames as they appear on your passport (i.e. Noah Oscar George Ian Smith-Brown). Please double-check all the information, the data you provide in the application form will be used to issue your medical certificate. 

All timelines are approximate. Our service is heavily reliant on the couriers, Royal Mail and FCO delivering their services on time, which 95% of the time they do. Therefore we strongly recommend that you do not book your visa appointment until you receive all your documents back. 

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