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How to apply for a TIE appointment - step by step.

Updated: Apr 7

After you have arrived in Spain and had your visa stamped at customs, you will have 30 days to obtain a residency card (TIE).

Often you'll find that the hardest part of the TIE process is obtaining the appointment, depending on the area where you live it can often take weeks because of the lack of appointment slots available. If that is the case with you don't worry the authorities are aware of the delays, what I would suggest is that you take screen prints of each time you try.

To apply for an appointment online with the Oficina de Extranjeros - cita previa- please click the link here.

You will have 5 minutes to complete the application before it is timed out and asks you to start again (If you need help with applying for your appointment and completing the forms you can apply here and we will organise everything for you)

PAGE 1. The first screen you will come to having pressed the link for the Oficina de Extranjeros - cita previa is...

Simply scroll down the page and click the button "Acceder al Proccidimiento"

PAGE 2 - Cita Previa Extranjera

In the drop-down menu choose your province, click "Aceptar"

Choose your nearest office (you can choose any in your province, if the nearest doesn't have and available appointments, so check the other ones)

In the "TRÁMITES POLICÍA NACIONAL" choose "Policía-Toma de huella (Expedicion de tarjeta)" if the police station that you selected does not have this option you will need to choose another police station. Not all the offices in the area will deal with TIEs - Click Aceptar.

PAGE 3 Download and complete forms EX-17 and TASA-790-12, if you are completing the forms yourself (GOSPAIN complete these for you).

Scroll down to the end of the page and click "Entrar"

PAGE 4 Type in your NIE number, Name and Surname and your Nationality "Reino Unido" for British Citizen, and click "Aceptar"

Click "Solicitar Cita"

Add your Spanish phone number and email address, click "Siguente"

Choose the date and time of your appointment (if you need 2 appointments or more, usually the next timeslot on the same day is released after you book a timeslot for yourself, so if you book an appointment for 11:10 on 20/10/2023 when you go back to book 2nd appointment the next slot at 11:30 will be released and you will be able to book 2 appointments on the same day), click "Siguente"

You will be shown the address, date, time and the window of your appointment. You will be sent a 6-digit code to your phone from CitaWebAAPP, which you will need to type in "Codigo", tick both boxes confirming that your information is correct and that you agree to receive information about your appointment. Click "Confirmar"


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