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Moving To And Living In Spain
Tax rates Spain

General & Savings Tax Rates - Spain

Check out Income Tax for Andalucia, Comunidad Valencia, Cataluña, Murcia, Madrid, Balearic Islands, Canary Isles; Savings, Capital Gains TAX

UK Spain double taxation treaty

UK - SPAIN Double Taxation Treaty

The UK has a double taxation agreement with Spain, which means you only pay taxes in one country, which one? Read the UK - Spain Double Taxation Treaty 

Andalucia State schools


If you are looking for schools in Andalucia this site lists them all together with information on what each school offers, including bi-lingual, after school activities, school meals etc... 

Children Running


Similar to the Andalucia schools site except this covers the Valencian region. IMPORTANTLY it tells you the proportion of classes taught in Valenciano (as opposed to Castellano/Spanish).

British Pound Notes


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Decorative Baskets


If you are new to Spain you may notice that eBay is not as popular in Spain as in the UK, the Spanish prefer Vinted. The site is centred on sellers, with no commission paid by the seller, the buyer has to buy a shipping label as well. On the other side, buyers can negotiate the price dawn. 

Wallapop second hand marketplace


This is another website that the Spanish use rather than eBay. You can browse on the website, but for the moment you can only by on the app. Wallapop is working with Correos, buyer pays for a shipping label the code is sent to your phone, the seller shows the code at the post office and the label is printed then.

Meeting with Clients


A website from the Citizens Advice Bureau in Spain, a great source of valuable information and advice. 

Spanish town


Created by ex-police this site is crammed full of information and advice relating to travel and driving in Spain. It also includes a downloadable copy of the Spanish highway code translated into English



If you need parcel shipping ALWAYS check out Packlink they use all the major carriers UPS, DHL, Correos, etc... we use them in our business and invariably they have the cheapest rate by a country mile.

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