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students applying for visa to Spain

Spain Student Visa Requirements


The Spanish student visa requirements depend on various factors, with the main one being your country of origin and length of stay. If you’re studying in Spain for more than 90 days, usually, the set of documents required for a student visa application to Spain includes the following: 

  • Two completed application forms (original and a copy). 

  • Your valid passport. 

  • Two recent passport photographs. 

  • Proof of sufficient funds.

  • Letter of admission from chosen university.

  • Proof of health insurance by an insurer authorised in Spain.

  • Proof of visa fee payment.

  • Doctor's certificate with apostille and translation - if the document is not issued in the Spanish language.

  • Certificate of criminal record (ACRO in the UK) with apostille and translation.

In the UK most documents must be not older than 3 months on the date of your appointment, please plan accordingly.

Apostille and Translation of a Document


Price: £100

An apostille certifies the document so that document can be recognized in foreign countries (Spain). UK-issued documents also must be translated into Spanish.

We know how time-consuming it is to get your ACRO or any other document legalised and translated that's why we offer a fast-track APOSTILLE and TRANSLATION service ONLY 10 business days from start to finish!

Some documents only require translation. Translation-only services are also available as part of the application for only £35 per document.

Doctor's certificate apostilled and translated


Price: £150

3-in-1 time-saving application, we provide a doctor's certificate from a UK-registered private doctor, and we'll get it apostilled (legalised) at the same time, all in approximately 10 business days.

ACRO certificate apostilled and translated


Price: £215

3-in-1 time-saving application, we'll apply for your ACRO (ACRO fee is included in the price) and we'll get it apostilled (legalised) and translated at the same time, the timeline will depend on how fast your ACRO will be issued (majority takes between 2 and 5 weeks).

Health insurance with ASSSA


  • No co-payments.
  • No waiting times.
  • Complies with VISA requirements.
  • No premium increase due to age.
  • A guarantee not to cancel your policy due to age, illness or high usage. 
  • Doctors of your choice.
  • Assistance, personal & professional in your language.
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