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GOSPAIN Magazine

GOSPAIN "the website" has undergone more than a slight revamp, it has been re-branded to sit alongside our magazine and our Facebook group of very nearly 20,000 members.


Our purpose, aim, or if you like mission is simply to help, inform, and in the case of the magazine, hopefully, to entertain. 

Over the years that we have been running the Facebook group, we have been helped along the way by a number of TRUSTED and HELPFUL people. A list that includes lawyers, gestors, translators, currency experts, and health insurance experts to name but a few. AND they are all included in our GOSPAIN SERVICES Section.

Our magazine, also conveniently titled GOSPAIN will soon be on its fourth issue and so far we have covered visas, taxation, property, health, and driving licences. We've also taken a look at Galicia, Figueres, Murcia, sailing, weddings in Spain, goats cheese, El Camino Del Rey, spiders, paella, Irish citizenship, and more. So please can I ask you to take a look, you might be surprised.

Our LINKS section unsurprisingly has links that provide useful information, all Spanish-related of course. Included are links to every Andalucian and Valencian community school, it's a great resource for anyone looking to move to Spain with children and offers up information such as which schools are bi-lingual or which schools teach in Valenciano or Spanish.

Last but not least, INSURANCE, moving to Spain and obtaining a visa is difficult enough at the best of times, choosing a healthcare provider (and policy) that complies with the residency rules isn't easy as they all promise to comply YET they don't.


GOSPAIN has researched the market and come up with a policy that does comply with residency AND is one of the few that genuinely doesn't have a waiting time!

If you have any questions please email me, info@gospain.services


Thank you   




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